Claire has said that it will ADD a bit to Fb+f. Add, I'd suppose, to
that which one would usually expect. I, like fhovie, don't see where
the results differ twixt the post long or the short pre exposure.
Pre-exposures are though more of a bother.

I do like the idea of a short, in leaky darkroom, post-exposure. I
reread a post. A #3 filter but no time
was suggested. Or I could, perhaps, just bring the film
out of the shadow a short while.

Then there's that fog, all over everything. I wonder if it's just a
matter of following instructions. Like with fixer film strength 1:4;
use it that way a while and you will come to believe that is the
only dilution that will work.

How about this! I'll do a quick test with paper. I'll expose then
post-flash and compare with pre-flash. Perhaps I'll be the first
ever to post-flash paper. Dan