NIB Mamiya M645 Auto Bellows Kit usable with any SLR from Canon, Nikon, Sony (to name but three) as well as Mamiya M645 and AFD bodies. In short, if it can mount to an M645 lens mount, you have a tilt/shift bellows for it. Unit was simply removed from wrapping to check condition & operation. Comes with all paper work, magnification tables, twin cable release (allows M645 lens to stop down then trip shutter on M645 Body) box, packing, etc.

Some key features:
1. Unlike virtually all bellows kits, offers front standard tilt as well as shift/rotation/rise/fall - without flopping whole enchilada 90 deg in a ball head thus requiring a recompose, etc.

2. Front M645 mount can be removed and LF/EL lens used via something as simple as an M645 body cap 'lens board' on up (e.g. mount LF lens in M645 body cap, mount body cap onto front M645 female mount). M39-M645 adapters are also available via EBay, etc. In short, if you have the desire...

3. Rear standard camera mount rotates. Allows camera to rotate from portrait to landscape mode w/o moving bellows.

3A Rear rotating M645 mount can be removed in 10 secs for adaption to Contax 645, etc., etc.

4. Bottom rail is two pieces, each with own fine focus & lock mechanism. Undo one screw and two rails disconnect. Can then lock rails at 90deg to on another so can use fine focus mechanics to shift camera and bellows left-right independent of fore-aft fine focus of front & rear standard.

5. With usual M645-SLR adapters, any of Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc SLRS can be used on rear standard.

6. Bottom rail has a rubber-coated base for table-top use with standard 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded tripod/plate sockets.

7. Bellows can be removed in about 10 secs to be swapped for balloon bellows if desired.

8. Optional bits (not incl.) allow lenses to mount reversed on front standard, slide copying, etc.

Note: Tried uploading pics, but since first time publishing ad here, seem to be blocked somehow. Please contact for pictures.

Price is US$425 shipped and PP'd within NA from Canada. If EMT within Canada, take off 3%. Offshore is fine, buyer pays difference in shipping.

References on Fred Miranda as Conner999 or on Ebay as Kumara999 (100%).

Products would consider in trade: Nikon F5, F4S, M645 extension tubes, M645 200/2.8 APO hood extension (you never know), M645 55/2.8 C.

Price : 400.00