This camera is in fine conditon, bought 2005 or thereabouts. I've put about 100 rolls of film through it; works fantastically.

A really nice feature is that it has very exact frame advance so that no matter how you load it you can seamelessly rewind (leaving the leader out) partway through a roll, put in some other kind of film, then return the original roll and advance (with the lens cap on!) until you get to the same frame counter and you'll be exactly where you left off without wasting even a millimeter of film. You have to click the shutter to do that, but if you set f/22 and 1/2000th and keep the cap on it's no issue.

You can run around all day taking street shots in B&W, then switch to your velvia sunset roll for evening.

I'm shooting 9x12 plate cameras and a tachihara almost exclusively now and just don't use this nice camera enough to keep it.

Incl. box, manual, and a brand new unused, unopened camera strap (courtesy of Smugmug; I ended up getting two during a promotion they had recently) - nice comfy strap with lots of padding.

Attached three images shot with it in the American Southwest, which were either E100VS or Velvia (or a mixture).

If you would like a russian standard lens with M42 adapter to use on it I can include that for another $40 ($20 of which just covers the M42-EOS adapter cost; it's a very precisely machined one). The lens is a Helios-44M 58mm f/2.USD
Price : 125.00