Omega C-67 Enlarger
Negative carriers for 35mm & 6x7, 2 lens boards, 6x7 Condenser set, 35 mm condenser, filter drawer, Lamp, and baseboard.

Good overall condition except the plastic break part is broken (problem with these models) and the baseboard attachment plate is partially broken. I can have the plate repaired locally but not worth for me since I never used this enlarger and have my Beseler enlarger to use.

Note! This came as a package with other equipment. May have better use for parts. If your interested in a lens board, negative carrier, condensers, heat shield, or anything else, make an offer, cash or trade.

Prefer pick up in SE WI. Will ship, rough estimate would be $50? Payment by postal MO or PayPal. First come, first serve.USD
Price : 15.00