I got these film backs to build my own camera which would take 11x14 and 7x17 formats, but my free time is at a premium and tools/workspace are scarce.

The first one up is an 11x14 back with double sided book-style plate holder. This has the pressure plate in it, so be sure this is not for film. One darkslide cover looks like it may have been dinged to penetration, but a small piece of gaffers tape or similar would keep it from leaking light. The wood looks to have something spilled along one of the edges, but does not keep it from functioning as it should. The brass springs/clips all appear to be in good working order and the glass is in good shape.
The back itself is a 16.25"x16.25" frame, with pins in all corners -- ready to mount in your camera if holes are set properly.
$375 puts it on your doorstop or in your mailbox if you live anywhere in the US. International shipments will have to wait until I return from business travel on Thursday to figure out package size/weight to quote shipping. Cashiers checks and money orders are welcome. Paypal accepted if you pay the fees.
I also have a bellows capable of supporting 16x20, possibly 18x22 if memory serves me right. It has wooden frames, is light tight, and has about 40" of extension. I can take photos later in the week and I am open to offers.USD
Price : 375.00