8x10 Burke & James Grover monorail camera. About 9 lbs. 20" rail although the bellows are longer. In excellent condition: it doesn't look like it was used very much. The bellows are supple, light-tight and bright, gorgeous red! All knobs, straps, etc. are included and excellent. Includes one lens board with a hole sized for Ilex #4 shutter. Very portable and, being a monorail, of course it has all the movements. $300 plus shipping. Will likely be an oversized package; I'd estimate about $25 domestic US but won't know for sure until I box it up.

Fuji L 420mm f/8 lens in black Copal 3 shutter with silver ring. Coated. Absolutely gorgeous lens, my all-time favorite 8x10 lens. No scratches, chips, etc. The shutter seems accurate. Comes with retaining ring and lens caps; one original, one marked 'made in Germany' but it fits! Does not come with the lens board shown in the picture. $350 plus shipping and insurance.

Kodal 12" f/6.3 Commercal Ektar in Ilex #4 shutter. In excellent condition with no scratches or chips. Coated. Might have a whisp of a cleaning mark or it may just be my imagination. Shutter seems as accurate as Ilex shutters are. Comes with mounting flange and lens caps, does not come with the lens board shown in the pictures. $300 plus shipping and insurance.

Two boxes of 8x10 Ilford HP5+. Bought from Freestyle a couple of months ago and stored cool (although not frozen or refrigerated.) Currently sells for $80 per box, I'll sell for $60 per box, plus shipping.

Bostick & Sullivan "Alt Process Exploration Kit" (http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/cart/product.php?productid=788&cat=48&page=1) Comes with everything you need for cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown processes, except for a print frame. Currently sells for $132 on their web site, mine was bought a couple of months ago and is unused. $90 plus shipping.

I take Paypal and USPS money orders, happy to answer questions. This stuff is listed here and on the Large Format site through Sunday, at which time anything unsold will go to Ebay. 3% to APUG. Thanks for looking!