Prices listed per roll, unless otherwise noted. All this film has been freezer stored for its lifetime, AFAIK. I'm moving on up to medium format, so I no longer need any of this:

3x Kodachrome 64 -$10 per roll- 24 exp. Expired 1996
3x Provia 100F -$5 per roll- 36 exp. Still good for a couple of years, at least
3x Kodak Technical Pan -SOLD$10- 36 exp. Expired some time 20-10 years ago. I developed some film that expired in 1983, and it came out perfect.
2x Kodak "EIR" -$14 per roll- 36 exp. Cut down Aerochrome, it is extremely similar to EIR. I bought this to try from someone who cut it down from a master roll, so I cannot make any guarantees. Exp. 2005, wrapped in lead and freezer stored AFAIK. Bought from this guy --

$5 shipping to the US, $10 shipping international.

I will consider any and all offers. The prices above are rough estimates. $100 gets it all.

It is all 35mm/135.

I'm still trying to sell my Nikon F100. $250 shipped. Pictures: