Complete Darkroom includes:

Beseler 23C Condenser Head Enlarger
Beseler Digi-Timer
f 3.5 50 mm Beslar Lens
f 3.5 75 mm Beslar Lens
2 8021 Lensboards w/pilot light
8029 lensboard for 90, 105, 135, and 150mm lenses (missing the lens ring, but the one from the 8021 can be used interchangeably)
2 35 mm Negative Carriers
2 6x6 Negative Carriers
Voss Enlarger Focus Aid
Coastar Deluxe Darkroom Safelight (bulb not included)
Bogen 11x14 Easel
1 Kit of Kodak Polymax Filters (either brand new, or looks like it's never been used) - Filters have a contraption that screws below the lens
3 14 x 17 enameled metal trays
1 13 x 15 enameled metal tray
5 tongues

The Kodak Papers in the photo are not included in the sale.
CASH Upon pick-up, or if you want me to hold it for you, please contact me to pay by Paypal.USD
Price : 325.00