Well, thanks to a very generous gift of a 4x5 enlarger, I've decided to sell off the 8x10 and pick up another 4x5. I've enjoyed doing 8x10 contact prints, but I find them still a little too small, so I'll do 4x5 enlarging and probably be in the market for an 11x14 down the road.

I know there's at least one more of these on the board right now, but I'll put mine up as well. For sale is an 8x10 double extension Tachihara with the brass hardware. I bought it new in March of 2008 and have run approximately 40 sheets of film through it. It still sparkles, does not have any blemishes I can find, and while I'm usually a very conservative person, the only thing keeping me from claiming 'like new' is the fact that I've had it in the outside air occasionally.

$1100 for the camera, shipping and paypal fees. I'll even throw in however many lensboards I've made for it that are still lying around (undrilled).

For $1200 I'll include a full 10 pack of TXP320, as well as the remaining 25 pack (approximately 16 sheets remaining) of Ilford FP4+. Also, a B&L Tessar Series 1c 5x8 (which covers 8x10 closer than 60 feet). No shutter on the lens, I've used a hat.

For $1400 I'll include all of the above, plus a Wollensak 159mm EX WA f12.5 on a board with a packard shutter and a doggie bone bulb trigger. (It really gets the girls!)

Pics of the Wolly and B&L available upon expression of interest.

I'm really sorry to see it go, it's a beautiful camera, but the time has come to move on to bigger and better things.

Any questions, please ask. Paypal preferred, but will accept personal check, money order, magic beans, etc.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but can't think of it right now.USD
Price : 1100.00