Hey everyone...

I've worked at a homeless youth shelter here in Edmonton, Alberta for a couple years and I will start working at one of the largest youth centres for at-risk and homeless youth in Canada. The organization is the Youth Emergency Shelter Society (www.yess.org) and we're opening up the Armoury Youth Centre in late September that has over 400 square feet that is strictly for art gallery space so the youth can display their work (not to mention everywhere else the photos can be displayed).

The reason I'm posting here is because I want to start a photography art project with homeless and at-risk youth to get them into photography. I'm calling for donations of 35mm SLRs (any brand as long as it's working and has a working light meter), 35mm film and developing equipment. I will be fronting a lot of my own money and equipment into this project (about 10 packs of d-76 developer, 5L of stop bath, some fixer, some developing tanks and reels and a 100ft of tri-x with some 35mm canisters).

Because we're a non-profit, I can provide tax receipts for an estimated value of all the equipment donated. So, if you have equipment collecting dust, you can get a tax receipt. I'm not sure how well it works in USA or worldwide, but in Canada you can use them. I'm hoping for 10 35mm SLRs, some 35mm film and developing supplies.

If you have a big lot, I'd even be willing to front some money for shipping. I'm really hoping to get something like this off the ground and it will only happen with some support. I make peanuts at this job and I'm massively in debt and still fronting money and supplies for this because I think it's something that can make a huge difference in the lives of some of these youth. I can provide any proof you might need to show that this is legit -business card(s), you can call me at work, email my work address, etc.

Any help would be amazing.

...Jordan Starr.