I'm disposing of my brother's darkroom stuff.

Have a 5 X 7 safelight with OC filter for B&W
Unicolor 8 X 10 combo easel
Kodak projection print scale
35mm contact printer that needs foam replaced
full set of Ilford 3 X 3 polycontrast gelatin filters for B&W
Analite II enlarging meter - appears to work OK
8 - 8 X 10 trays (good heavy plastic ones)
reference books:
Kodak AJ-2 Basic Developing & Printing in B & W
Kodak AE-13 Basic Developing & Printing in Color
The darkroom handbook
Saunders borderless easels - 5 X 7, 8 X 10 and 11 X 14

Let me know what you want - I'm in the process of cleaning it all and will then start listing on APUG and later EBay

Larry - email: