I am looking to trade hand-pulled artists prints for cameras gear.

I am looking for a LTM camera, lenses, (no FSU stuff please, I have pleanty) perhaps a folding field camera, lenses and accessories or even a quality medium format camera. I also looking for a spotmeter.

Other items are, of course, welcomed, so if you're interested let me know what you have in mind for a trade.

The prints I am offering picks from are from a group of 500 plus. Almost all are from small editions of less than 100 and represent an international assortment of artists working in woodcut, etchings, serigraph, lithographic and chin-collé as well as other techniques and mediums.

Prints range in size from postcard to 20x30 and a number of these artists are collected internationally.

To see the prints from the same editions I have, look here: http://s260.photobucket.com/albums/ii1/eligriggs/prints from exchanges/?albumview=grid

The password is "copyrighted" and these are best viewed in the 'slide-show' mode.

PLEASE NOTE which piece and where any artwork you'd be interested in discussing is located in the slide-show so I can find it myself.

These prints have been properly stored and have never been folded or mounted.