Hi folks, I have a bunch of darkroom stuff to get rid of. If you are interested, let me know. All of the stuff listed is in good useable shape and should offer no problems. Paypal preferred. Shipping is included in the asking price for the continental USA.

Pic 1 is a bunch of stainless steel reels and tanks. (4 Nikkor steel lidded tanks - 2 - 120 size with reels and 2- 35mm with reels) I don't know the make of reels so don't ask

There are six plastic lidded stainless tank all full of reels. 1- 4 reel tank, 2 - 120/220 size with 120 reels and 3 - 35mm single reel tanks.
A total of 19 reels included. 3-120 size, 1-220 size, 15 - 35mm size. $80 for the lot if possible.

Pic 2 is a bunch of plastic developing tanks.
Top left is a Unicolor tank with 2 35mm reels
Top Middle is a cool little tank. It is an FR corp. Adjustable Cut - Film - Pack Developing tank (That's what it says on the lid) It can hold 12 sheets of 4x5, 2x3 (maybe 24 2x3's if loaded right) It looks like anything 4x5 and smaller can be used. There are a bunch of slots that are adjustable. I've never used it but it looks handy.
Middle right position is a Patterson 35mm Tank with reel. It looks to be missing the twirly stick.
Lower left pic is an Anscomatic tank with a 35 or 120 reel.
Lower right pic is a Patterson Tank system 4 with a 35/120 reel that is missing the center column.
$50.00 takes the lot if possible.

Pic 3 miscellaneous.
Back pic is a film dryer with fan and heater. The motor is Master Electrician. Is in excellent shape. $50 OBO
Left side pic is a Zone VI Sheet film washer. $35 OBO
Middle position is an 8x10 and 11x14 speed easel. $30 for both
Gralab 300 timer. It is missing the grounding prong but works fine. $30
LPL ET 500 timer. Label is peeling a bit but works fine. A great little timer. $75 OBO
Double sided print dryer/ferrotyper? Canvas could use a washing. 2 11x14's at once. $30 OBO

If you have any questions, let me know. I just got back from vacation and I am quite swamped at work but will try to respond promptly if possible.