Complete wet plate collodion camp with 1871 camera/lens
Well, after 20 years of reenacting I am selling off my complete camp and scaling down to a smaller impression. At 62 I need to do this.

My price for everything is $9,000. You get it all! I will not part it all out yet. I want to sell it complete in possible. Email or call:

INQUIRIES: Will Dunniway 951-817-5113 or

ORIGINAL 1871 model, 5x7 EA Anthony Victoria camera with original wet plate holder.

Dallmeyer 2B petzval designed lens.

Wood tripod, new made, period style.

Wall tent, large size at 12' x 15' x 8' with 4' walls (approximate measurements) with all stakes, ropes and poles included. Ridge poles made to fit into a 8' length van interior. Interior private sleeping and changing area quartered off by heavy black curtain.

Interior hanging painted (dark red) canvas dark room. 8' x 8' x 5' (approximate measurements). Red glass windows

Folding dark room table.

Two tanks. Silver bath and pot cy wood period correct tanks with heavy glass liners. Self standing leg support

Heavy canvas 12' x 12' (approximate measurements) tent fly with all stakes, ropes and poles included. Ridge poles made to fit into a 8 foot length van interior.

2 wooden steel banded buckets made by cooper at Richmond Town, NY.

Field desk. 100% heart redwood (for light weight). Carries camera and supplies to and from events in addition to being a field desk once unloaded. Double reverse folding lid becomes desk top.

Long narrow field desk top cabinet. Sits on top of field desk once table top is set up.

Two wooded storage boxes. Used under field desk to bring it to sitting height.

Portable heavy canvas three sided posing back drop with two painted back drops. One military and one classical. 8' x 8' x 4' back drop is made with period correct wooded poles and steel cross bar 3/4" pipes. All ropes and stakes included. New made but old appearing 4' x 8' posing carpet.

6 period correct folding field chairs. four dating to civil war period.

Tim Merritte made head brace stand. Beautifully done, ornate and period correct. Green.

Misc. camp tin coffee and iron cooking pots with special made tin mucket double boiler chemical bottle heater, Tripod iron fire pit stand

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Price : 9000.00