Here's a well used black Nikon FE for your consideration. It comes with a nice lens - one of my favorites. The body is in pretty good cosmetic condition but, it has some mechanical problems. The shutter speed selector knob came loose while I was on my last trip to Peru. Luckily, I had some 3M packaging tape with me and was able to at least tape the thing in place and keep going. Got some nice shots too! Anyway, everything works, meter, auto exposure etc...but, the shutter speed is kinda stuck now. I've it set to M90 so, you don't even need a battery....which is kinda nice.

The lens is in pretty good condition. It has been loved and seen a lot of use. Glass is reasonably clean and clear but, again, this is a user. Don't loo at this with a microscope and complain that there are microscopic defects - invisible to the naked eye....sheesh. It is a junker that makes nice, sharp images. That is all.

I'd like to get $40 for the camera and lens....paypal is OK. Cash, checks and well composted bovine manure are also accepted. Don't like this price...make me an outrageous offer. Its just gathering dust here.

Price : 40.00