Looking for any film/papers manufacturers books of Formulae, or their Manuals of Photography with Formulae in.

Preferably in English, but if worth while I'll take in it's native language.

I'm after more obscure companies like Barnet, Perutz, Defender/Dupont, Lumiere, Guillemont? and Eastern Block companies like Foton, Forte, Foma,b Adox/EFKE.

If you have the book but don't want to sell a scan of the relevant section would be appreciated.

I do not need any Ilford, Ansco, Kodak, Windisch, Paterson (Crawley), Selo, Wratten etc or pre WWI, but obscure inter war companies are of interest.

These are for Research purposes and the cheaper the better

A cheap copy of haist wouldn't go amiss