Gather 'round now for a bit of prewar romance. Here we have a 6x9 Zeiss Ikonta that shoots 6x9 on 120 film. Lens is as clear as I have seen on a prewar camera - really nice. It is a Novar-Anastigmat with three elements. Dreamy wide open and quite sharp stopped down. Shutter is your basic Derval with the 25, 50 and 100 speeds. Speeds are fine. Best of all, the shutter has separate T and B settings! A real boon for time exposures, to say the least. Camera is a definite street brawler, not a shelf beauty. Latch mechanism is nasty awkward. The camera opens and closes but the latching is hit and miss. Once you stare at it for a while you will be able to see the correct method for latching and opening. Bellows is supple and light tight, however. Ready to shoot but not necessarily in polite company! Buyer pays actual shipping. Enjoy!!USD
Price : 20.00