All right APUGers - time to belly up to the bar and give a little back to the alma mater. Let's run this in the style of the website we love best: eBeast. In a nutshell, the best offer posted by Sunday night in the "User Comments" section below will take home the camera. To avoid creeping up penny by penny, let's start at $5 and go up by minimum increments of $1. If you are the high "bidder" then you can Paypal your funds directly to APUG. If Paypal is not your cup of tea, then you can mail the funds to me in the old fashioned way, and I will then Paypal the amount to APUG. In case you are not familiar with the camera, this little 35mm gem is fully waterproof, not just splashproof. I don't recall the exact rating, but I think it will go down to either 10 feet or 10 meters. Along with the full auto mode, it is packing a macro mode plus force flash and flash suppress. And don't forget the a self timer! The lens is the expected semiwide at 35mm f/3.5. If you have ever used one of these, you know that it also has a prefocus lock that is activated by pressing the shutter release halfway. (And you also know that it really, really needs it!) This unit has never been flooded or dropped on the poolside concrete. Function is perfect in every regard. Cosmetics are righteous, if I do say so myself. So go ahead, treat yourself to a tasty bonbon and lend a hand to APUG at the same time. Buyer pays actual shipping from Massachusetts in the USA. Enjoy!!USD
Price : 5.00