The lab that I worked for went bankrupt, leaving me I am selling some "extra" film that is in my freezer. Below is a list of what I have right now. Please PM me if you are interested in anything listed. I can take PayPal or US postal money order.
Thanks for looking!

Kodachrome 40 Type A (Kodak 5070)
20 rolls/sealed brick.--offers? No idea what to ask for it...

Konica Centuria 120 color Neg film iso 100
$2.00 per roll. They come in packs of 10.

Agfa Optima 120 (ISO 100 color neg)
$3.00/roll. I have pro-packs with 5 rolls per pack.

Agfa APX 100 brick of 10 rolls of 120
$50/per brick

Vericolor print film/Kodak 4111
10 sheet boxes, $20/box.

Provia 100F, expired 04/2008. Frozen since new
50 sheet box, $50

Agfa RSX II in 4x5 sheets. ISO 100 E-6 film. Frozen since day one.
10 sheet boxes/ $20 per box

8x10: **sale pending on the 8x10**
Kodak 160 VC in 10 sheet boxes. Here's the deal, they are expired (10/2004 ) and was frozen since new--except for when the stupid freezer broke! So, the boxes got some water damage, but I think everything should still be fine inside--the boxes are still sealed. I have 4 boxes of 10 sheets each, all the same emulsion. I was thinking $45 per box, or $150 if you buy all four (plus shipping.)