This is 215ft/66m of unperforated Kodak Imagelink HQ microfilm, coated on an ESTAR (polyester) base. I purchased two rolls for use in a 16mm submini camera, and realised that was a heck of a lot of film, so I might as well move this roll on.
A note that it's original packaging had been damaged in transit, the lid snapped off. Inside this black plastic container the film is on a metal spool, which has a strip of black paper wrapped around it. If any fogging did occur it would be very limited - the other roll was in worse condition and showed no damage when I developed a bit. I'm pretty confident it's fine, but it's something worth mentioning. The lid has been sealed up with our old friend black electrical tape, and will be bubblewrapped properly to avoid any further damage.

In regards to pictorial use, it's a microfilm and as such intended for high contrast imaging of documents and the like. Caffenol LC is a good starting point, and easy to make. But hey, you'll have 200-odd feet, plenty to experiment with.

16mm submini photography is quite a lot of fun, it's like large format but the exact opposite. You could always grab one of those plentiful kiev 30's off ebay, they're small so the misses wont notice...

But I digress. Asking 25USD plus shipping to wherever you happen to be in the world, from South Australia. Open to offers. Contact me for a shipping quote.USD
Price : 25.00