Gather 'round for another monster APUG benefit 'auction'! This here is a genuine Agfa Billy Record, including authentic frozen focus and weedy shutter. Shutter is fine on B and T, but is hit and miss on other speeds. (Whatever happened to T, anyways? Does anyone under 60 years of age even know what T does?) Focus is fine none of the time. If I get ambitious I may attempt to free it before shipping but do not count on it. Bellows is really nice and style is top notch deco chrome and black enamel. Lens is, in a word, cloudy. Takes 120 film so you are looking at a helluva 6x9 compact folding pinholer. Or go after the lens and shutter and you can shoot dreamscapes. This camera will go to the high bidder this very evening, at 10 PM Eastern US time. Rules are simple: bidding starts at $3 and must advance by at least $1 at a time. Bids must be posted right here in the ad, and we will use the time stamp from APUG. Buyer will pay only actual shipping from central Massachusetts in the northeastern USA. Enjoy!!