Books for sale. All in Very Good to Excellent condition. Bindings and pages intact. No writing on pages. Prices include shipping within the continental US. PayPal preferred.

The Photographer's Toning Book - Tim Rudman;$45. SOLD

Using The View Camera, Revised addition by Steve Simmons and View Camera 2nd Edition by Jim Stone - $35. Price is for both. SOLD

Platinum and Palladium Printing Second Edition - Dick Arentz; $48. SOLD

From Pinhlole to Print - as featured on Alternative Photography website;$20.

Silver Gelatin A User's Guide to Liquid Photographic Emulsions - Reed and Jones; $22.

The Photographer's Master Printing Course - Tim Rudman; $45.

Elements of Black and White Photography - George Todd; $18.

Making Kallitypes A Definitive Guide - Dick Stevens; $45.

The New Platinum Print - Sullivan and Weese; like new; $50. SOLD

E-mail with any questions.

Paul B.