Well, I'm not a big fan of FeePay/Pal so I've decided to lower my price rather than list over there. $100 + $12 shipping CONUS. USPS Money Order only.

Will consider trades on this and other items for TMY-2 4x5 film or 90mm lenses.

This a 360mm process lens. It has both caps and is in great shape.

This is in a homeade ugly board that works which should also fit a dorf. Stops down to 128. I used it on my 8x10 so I really have no idea of it's ultimate coverage.

There's a fleck of dust hear or there but you can actually blow it out by opening the filter/stop lever. Sharp as hell.

I'd like to get $100 + $12 shipping in the CONUS. USPS money order only. Not 100% but an excellent lens, the board is crappy but has been light tight, although at one point cracked and repaired.