My M3 SS, S/N 985377, with self timer and frames preview lever.
CLAed and treated by Youxin Ye about 1.5 - 2 years ago. Mechanically - just a song, exceptionally smooth, all shutter speeds are fine, whispering shutter.
Shutter curtains have been replaced by Youxin to a new, external covering has also been replaced by him to a vulcanit-like.
There is rewinding crank attached which I bought to allow more comfortable rewinding.
Top plate shows normal for such age sighs of use, some scuffs, non-deep scratches and small dings, no serious dents, nothing to worry about (in particular bearing in mind the condition
of the mechanics inside). I like this appearance allowing teh camera to carry these as the scars of warrior... :-)
Bottom plate features some scuffs, a small signs of dings at the right bottom edge, nothing really noticeable unless looking for. Yet again, normal wear.
VF is clear with bright frame lines, few specs of dust can be visible at the outer edges of 50mm frame, 2 faint specs on top of the RF patch. This is typical from a normal use
even in much newer bodies such as M6, any separation or obvious aging issues there.
RF patch is clear, easy focusing. At the CLA time Youxin found no any VF/RF issues at all.
All in all the camera is ready for another 50 years of reliable work.
There are take-up spool included as a standard set along with 2 additional, spare native M3 spools (these are quite costly on used market), these have been bought here on LUG.
There is rewinding crank attached which I bought to allow more comfortable rewinding.

I'd consider M6/M6 TTO 0.85 with MP-upgraded finder or M7 0.85 for trade, must be black. Cash amount to be added by me is negotiable.

Sale option can also be considered, reasonable offers are welcome.

Lens in the pictures is not included.

Involves shipment from Israel. Shipment to US/Europe destinations will be by EMS (includes insurance and online tracking) and will be covered by me.

You may contact me either through PM here on APUG.

I have Ebay history as both seller and a buyer, you're welcome to check it out: alexzabr.
Besides, I dealt here on APUG a while back in my LF days (few years back).
Also, I'm an active member on LUG and RFF.