240mm f/9 Computar, in Copal #3. This is a perfect wide angle lens for the 7X17 or 11X14 format. It is a modern coated plasmat design that gives full coverage on these formats plus a few inches of movements. The lens, very small for the huge coverage, and shutter are in VG+ condition. The only comparable lens to this in terms of coverage for the size are older non-coated lenses like the Protar IV and V, and the f/9 Zeiss-Dagor wide angle lens, and you would expect to pay $2000 or more for both of these lenses at 240mm focal length , if you could find one. I used this lens for several years with 7X17 but no longer work in this format and no longer need the super coverage. My price for this beauty is $1450, plus shipping.

If you are looking for a fantastic super wide angle lens for 7X17 look carefully at this one. Not many lenses with these characteristics around, either vintage of modern.

Sandy KingUSD
Price : 1450.00