I bought a small batch of rolls of 35mm Kodak HIE infrared b&w film last year right before it was discontinued. I have decided to let go of approximately half of my rolls because I can't afford to keep it all as there are other films I want to buy, notably Kodachrome 25, and I need the money for it. In addition, I feel that there are some dedicated infrared shooters who may be able to put it to better use than I, or possibly somene who wants to try it and never got to do so, but isn't willing to pay the crazy ebay prices (I saw a roll being sold for $75 recently).

So I'll let up to 5 of my rolls go.

Exp: 12/2008
Emul #: 0251

They're from the very last emulsion batch (as far as I know it's the very last one) and have the third-to-last expiration month for all HIE film. I'll sell all 5 rolls at once or any number up to 5, as long as the buyer pays the shipping fee, which I will calculate online at teh USPS website, in addition to the cost of the film.

I've bought and sold numerous items another photography site and have perfect feedback there.

I do not use Pay Pal however...I will only accept a USPS money order, as personal checks have been known to bounce on occasion. I use official US Postal Money Orders for all of my online transactions, and when I buy with one, I mail it certified for added protection. I recommend that you do likewise for piece of mind if money orders aren't your usual method.

I'll ship via USPS insured shipping to the lower 48 continental US states, in well-packaged cardboard box with plenty of packing material. I will write "Photographic film - Do Not X-ray!" on the box. I will tape over all address labels with clear tape in case the box is exposed to rain. The temperatures are getting cool now, so it's a great time of year to mail film without risk of heat damage.

I'm sorry but I do not have a picture at this time, because the film is in a relative's freezer on a dedicated shelf where I store all of my film. I hoping to give a great opportunity to someone who is looking for some HIE. USD
Price : 40.00