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I am not looking to clean up on these...but I want fair offers from APUGers who can put these to use to make wonderful photographic work!

If you are interested in these, you probably know more about them than I do. Ask whatever questions you need to ask to inform your decision.

The holders are all marked 665/7 and Zeiss Ikon, though there are a few slightly different designs. There are seven of them, plus a Voigtlander holder that appears to be for a film pack or something similar. All holders EXCEPT ONE have film inserts that fit 3-1/4 by 4-1/4 sheet film. I know this for sure, because there was a sheet of film in one of the holders that measures 3-3/16 by 4-3/16 inches (approx. 81x106mm). The inserts are marked: "725/4". Holders' outside dimensions are approx. 4 in. by 6-1/4 in., though as I mentioned, there are a few different designs, so there may be some slight variation in length.

The two diopters are marked Carl Zeiss Jena, and Proxar 2 x 42 and Distar 3 x 42. The yellow grad filter has no markings, and does not appear similar in design to the Zeiss diopters, so it probably is not by Zeiss.

See pix on Flicker here: in case the pix on APUG aren't large enough or sharp enough.

Thank you!