Doin' a little cleanout:

2 tins of Plus-X dated Sep 1979. I don't know how much is in these. One weighs 5.96 oz and the other 9.89 oz. That's with the tin and lightproof tape. I haven't opened these tins in probably 5 years.

2 36-exp Plus-X rolls, dated March 2005

1 36-exp Fujicolor NPS 160, dated Aug 2004

2 36-exp Ilford HP5 400, dated Dec 2002

All of these have sat for years in my freezer or refrigerator, but, of course, there's no guarantee on quality.

I don't know what this is worth, so offer me whatever you want. The first person to pony up $20 gets it.

You'll pay the shipping - the package will weigh about 2 1/2 lbs. It'll fit into a USPS Priority Mail Medium Size Flat Rate Box, so add $10.35 for domestic shipping. I'm happy to consider any other shipping alternative you might suggest.

If you want to use Paypal, better add another dollar to cover those greedy SOB's. I'll pay the apes out of my pocket.