I have a 70mm aerial camera available for sale. The body was made by Chicago Aerial Industries Inc. and the 6 inch f2.8 lens by Curtis Laboratories Inc. I've owned it for about 15 years (long story) and have never done more than dry-fire it, but everything seems to function properly. It comes in a very sturdy metal case, with 3 filters (red, yellow, UV) and two light-proof metal film cannisters. The camera must be loaded and unloaded in the dark, and the lens is permanently focused on infinity. I'm attaching a couple of pictures, but have more I can send if anyone is interested. I have no idea of what it might be worth and am open to offers. If I don't get any bites here I may put it on ebay, so if anyone has any idea what the value of it might be I'd me interested in knowing.
3 per cent to APUG.