As it is listed above. Just some random stuff I have picked up here and there and have not need for at this point.

I would like to take any offers on each item. I am not looking to get rich off this stuff, so all offers are welcome. I'm really not sure how to price it, but it sucks that it is just sitting around and they are all in good shape. And, I could use some X-mas money.

I'm in Jacksonville Fl 32205 for shipping consideration.

Eastman Projection Anastigmat F-4.5 7 in. Barrel has 15 leaves and very smooth. I bought this hoping to stumble across a shutter one day I could put the cells in. The problem is, I don't know what I am looking for because I lack the experience there. a few light surface scratches and in the third pic you can see a small bubble in the glass.

Canon Extension tube set. Excellent condition. I bought them to use with my Canon F-1 (old), they fit, but I never used them and ended up with a Ftb body and bellows for that kind of work. (also un-used).

Weston Master II light meter. comes with box and seems to work nicely. Beautiful condition. I would say this meter probably spent most of it's life in it's box, so it's probably pretty accurate. It reads very close to the same as my Gosen Cds super pilot.

Super-Slide for Rollei. This is a thin black metal mask in a leather pouch. I was given to me when I bought a hood. I assume it goes over the ground glass for framing purposes, but I really don't know.

Thank You,