I am selling this on behalf of Vermont Center for Phtography (VCP).

This camera was a donation to Vermont Center for Photography. The gallery is unable to make good use of it, proceeds will go to help support the gallery which is a registered non-profit.

Since we're not in the used camera business, this needs to sell as one package.
Included are;
1 Olympus OM1n Camera with 50mm Auto-S Zuiko f/1.8 lens and case
1 Olympus T 20 Electronic flash, with case
1 Prinz 28-50 f/3.5-4.5 zoom lens
Also included the case for the camera,instruction books for the camera and flash, plus the box for the zoom lens, a collapsable lens hood in it's original package and a Delta grey card.
Sorry, the cat is not included.

The camera is in excellant condition, the meter works, shutter sounds good, and a test roll showed no evidence of light leaks. I tested the flash with the camera and it works well. The camera looks to have spent most of it's life in the case, there is some wear and scratching at the strap lugs otherwise it is quite clean, though the case is worn. On the case the stiching on the left side of the bottom is loose from taking it off the camera. All glass is in perfect shape, front cap for the Zuiko and front/rear caps are included with the Prinz.

Payment by Paypal directly to VCP (preferably) or U.S. check.

OK guys and girls. I based the original pricing on KEH's prices minus a little, then reduced it some because ebay completed auctions seem to be a good bit less than KEH's published pricing.
VCP is a registered non-profit, my understanding of the rules is that you can deduct anything you pay that's beyond the fair market price.
If this seems too much still, make an offer.

For info about VCP see www.vcp.orgUSD
Price : 125.00