SOLD -- Nikon D2H Camera Body $550 in great condition, perfect mechanically with minor cosmetic wear on the back and bottom. I am selling this camera because I bought a D2HS.

Nikon Service in El Segundo, CA just repaired the meter and did a Clean Lube Adjust (CLA) and inspection on it. Nikon Service invoice will be provided. This professional digital camera is in top condition and ready to go as is. Shoots up to 8 frames a second so it is perfect for Sports Photography or kids on the go. The picture quality is STUNNING from this camera.

The D2H cameras are the hottest deal going right now in a professional Nikon camera. It cost $3500 when first introduced. Next stop up from the D2H would be a D2HS at $800-1200, then possibly a D2X / D2XS for $900-1200, or the D700 at $2000, and lastly the awesome D3 / D3X / D3S at $3500 to $8000. The D1X and D1H are a step down and cost less too, not quite worth it for me. Once you have used a professional Nikon camera body many find it very hard to like anything else. It definitely happened to me. The D300 / D300S and D90 are nice cameras but they are pro-consumer not professional camera bodies. There are major differences. Those that can afford it are moving or have moved from the D2H / D2HS directly to the D3 for a reason, skipping all the pro-consumer cameras in-between.

Some trustworthy D2H reviews here:

Total shutter clicks = 19,466 (rated to 150,000 but often go twice that)

D2H battery charger (OEM)
D2H camera strap (OEM)
1 Nikon original (OEM) battery (rated 2 of 5)
Nikon Camera Body Cap (OEM)

Go here for detailed pictures:

Thanks for your interest! Please call or email me for more info.
55 44 11 - 44 88 00 - 22 99 88 55USD
Price : 550.00