OK guys, now that you have forced my hand... I haven't posted here before now but have lurked for a long time. That is mostly because I am very comfortable using the search feature to learn rather than posting a question that has already been asked before. I love film as I own seven film cameras (35mm & MF) and darkroom equipment too. I am a paid member of APUG and the classified posting rules said it was ok to post DSLR's under the Misc category so I did. Sorry that it is my first post but I had to start somewhere. If you want references I have plenty at other forums, etc., so just let me know. Sorry if I have offended anyone but I thought I was obeying the rules and being above board. I have the camera posted in five other camera for sale forums but thought that someone might appreciate knowing about it here if they were looking to buy one as well. Many others feel it is a digital camera where the pictures have an almost film like quality to them, which I thought might appeal to some here. YMMV! 8^)