It may of have been used. It shows no sign of use but I don't know this for sure.

Glass looks perfect, all the Aperture and shutter speed rings move perfectly.
I do not have a battery to check the meter as it uses an outdated battery but I have read there are other batterys' that work with it.
It's up to you.

I've not put a roll of film in this camera and is being sold as such.
Comes with it's orig camera case.

The wind lever does not "Spring" back and needs to be pushed back with your finger. I don't know if this is normal or not when there is no film roll in the camera. If it was normal, it would be the first time I ever saw it.

I don't do paypal but I'll take a check or M.O.,
$50.00 plus your exact shipping charge via UPS ground unless you want something different.

Price : 50.00