Kodak Precision Enlarger. A piece of working history in GOOD CONDITION. Comes with a wad of negative carriers, an extra head and lamp unit, two extra condensers, Schneider 105mm lens and Kodak 50mm lens. Carriers are very nice.. impossible to scratch negatives with these. They are super slickery chrome. I have 35mm, 6x6, 6x9 and some masking device. One of the 6x9 is a glass carrier. NICE!

Why am I selling? Because I upped my size to large format and don't have room for two enlargers. This is a very precise enlarger. It's not just the name. The resulting prints are fabulous! I think you will like!

$200 + shipping from California. Paypal preferred. I'll eat the Paypal fees.

It took me over a year to accumulate the extra parts for this. They are very hard to find in still operable condition!

Price : 200.00