Here's what I have for sale right now:

Polaroid 669 (ISO 80 Color) 20 shots per box. $20 per box. I have 30+ boxes, if you are interested in quantity. Expiration date is 07/2003, I have shot a lot of it (pinhole mostly) and it still works well--has the usual cyan shift. I did some Polaroid transfers with it about 2 years ago and it worked well for that, too.

Portra 160NC 220
Pro-Pack (5 rolls) of 220. Expired 02/2004, refrigerated. $25.

Kodak EPT (35mm)
9 rolls of iso 160 Tungsten positive film. Expired 06/2001. $50 for all 9 rolls.

Agfa RSX II 4x5
ISO 100 E-6 film. Frozen since day one. 10 sheet boxes/ $20 per box.

Kodak Vericolor Print Film
Vericolor print film/Kodak 4111 10 sheet boxes, $20/box.

Kodak e100SW 4x5 Readyload
This is the old style with two pieces of film per packet. 20 shots in a box (10 packets) $20. Expired 10/1998. Last time I shot it, it was about +5 units magenta...that was about 2 years ago.

PM me or e-mail me if you are interested.