This is a 14" Dallmeyer Serrac large format lens in barrel with a large image circle that covers on my 8 x 20 inch camera. F-stop range is F4.5 - F11. Comes mounted to a 6 x 6 lens board for an 8 x 10 Kodak 2D. I'll take it off the board if you don't want it. Lens has a mounting flange. Iris operates a little stiff but OK. There is a lever to move it, but it has been bent some in it's past years - still works fine. The lens doesn't look great on the outside - number of scratches in the black paint on the barrel. There are a couple of small chips on the front glass (see photo) but otherwise the glass is nice and clean (no separation or fungus).

This is a big heavy lens as you would expect for F4.5. Comes with a leather lens cap and I'll also throw in a foam lens wrap for it.USD
Price : 145.00