I am looking for a Bronica SQ Ai kit with some lenses, ideally 80, 120, 150-180, perhaps 40-50. It should be in as ideal state as possible, Exc+ or better if poss.

Alternatively, I am also interested in a Mamiya 67RZ Pro II or the RB Pro S, also as a kit with some lenses, especially with metal rather than plastic shutters (or plastic if in great working order).

Why? I use my 4x5 a lot for lovely landscapes but I have started taking more portraits with studio lighting recently. I do those with a DSLR but I miss film in that application, while my trusted Ebony is just, well, a bit slow for the sort of portraits I have been taking. Yes, I tried a good few.

If you would prefer to dispense advice instead of a camera I would welcome that very much too.

Happy to pay by PayPal etc. Located in Ireland, Co Wicklow.


PS. I sure would be happy with a nice Hasselblad kit or a Rollei for the same money as those above.