I have decided to sell my B-8 enlarger, I have a D-5 that I now use.

I would like to sell everything together, and I would prefer a local sale in Los Angeles. However I have shipped enlargers before and I am not opposed to doing that, the details and costs of the shipping would have to be worked out. If I ship the enlarger it will have to be with everything as a package.

The package includes the following items:

Omega B-8 enlarger in very good condition with baseboard. Bellows is in good shape and the gears that move the carrier up and down are in good shape. Includes the supplemental 13/16 condenser. This is a good enlarger and has been kept indoors.

Spare PH 111A lamp

Ilford multigrade filter set cut to fit the filter drawer.

Reprint manual from KHB

50mm lensboard with spacer for supplied lens. Lensboard & spacer from Harry's classic enlargers.

80mm lensboard from Harry's classic enlargers.

50mm EL-Nikkor 2.8 SN 2435501. This is a late model made in China. Excellent condition.

80mm EL-Nikkor 5.6 SN 981927. This is a early model, very solid, metal construction. Excellent condition.

35mm Negative carrier (Omega)
6x7 Negative carrier (Omega)
6x6 Negative carrier (Bessler modified by me to fit)

I'm asking $175 for the package. If you are a student let me know, I will reduce the price.USD
Price : 175.00