Long story as short as I can.

I came across a Durst Enlarger back in my early 20's w/ no lens and never had the chance to set it up. I can't remember the model of this enlarger and I got rid of it when moving at some point. However, I decided to keep these two parts because I thought they would be hard to find later if I came across another one of these enlargers. I recent purchased a Omega D5XL, so I can not see ever searching out the enlarger these parts go to. Something tells me someone here will know exactly which model they are for.

1st is the negative carrier. Wide open it is a little bigger than 3 x 2 5/8. The two thumb wheels adjust metal sleeves down to 35mm. It works smoothly.

2nd are the condensing lens box. Nice clean lenses, not cracks in casing. One the outside lip of the casing is written "Unicon 85" Maybe that was the model of enlarger, I just don't know.

I'm sure they are worth something to someone, I just can't bare to toss them away.

Trading option:
I love film!

I shot Meridain 45b, Speed graphic 4x5 and Mini, Toyo view 45, Mamiya super 23, Mamiya 645 j, TLR cameras are my favorite and I have many Yashicas, plus I like to work on these kinds of cameras.

I'm not looking to get rich, so please make an offer. I am willing to sell them out right, but I have ZERO idea of what they might be worth to someone and really just want them to go to a good home. After all I have been holding onto them for 20 years

Thank You,