The negative carrier is an Autoneg. The serial number on it is also the serial number of the enlarger it was supplied with. It should have upper and lower glasses. The upper glass should be a Cosiglas, preferably AN (anti-Newton ring), the lower I'm not sure but probably the same. I think these Autonegs fit several Durst models, but I would guess yours was a DA900, because the serial number on mine also begins 214 - it is 21402028. DA900s were supplied with various combinations of condensers - Unicons 50, 85, and 105, and lenses 28, 50, 80, and 105 Componons or Rodagons, matched to the Autofocus cams. condensers and negative holders both come up on eBay from time to time; search completed listings in your country - I'm not sure where you are.