I'm helping a friend sale his kit. I can tell you the camera is a really nice one since it was in my closet for many years! He got hitched and now he move out his toys.
For sale.
A Wista 4 x 5 with a 135mm Nikkor lens, six film holders, black/red darkcloth, Spare lens board, and a Rodenstock loupe.
The camera is super clean! Camera Bellow is in fine shape. No cracks, tears or light leaks. Brass fittings are clean. The lens is clean. No fungus or scratches. The shutter fires correctly. The dark cloth and loupe are in excellent shape. Film holders are in good shape.
$600 gets it all. All you need is a tripod, time and film to take this baby out for some fun!
I just got married and don't have the time for large format, and still have to pay for the upcoming honeymoon.USD
Price : 600.00