Hi everyone,
Times are slow & I need to eat, so here is my fav. camera up for sale.

This Linhof III is in Super shape. It got the rangefinder worked by Richard Ritter 6 months ago along with the 210 cam'ed. The 135 is factory cam'ed. The condition is really, really nice. The rangefinder is spot on with the 135mm, I love this camera. Anyway here's the list of stuff:

Linhif III ser. 356xx
135mm Symmar ser. 49351xx glass perfect, factory cam'ed, shutter CLA 6-2009
210mm Symmar ser. 77344xx glass perfect, Ritter cam'ed, shutter fine
Linhof finder Perfect, with 6x9 mask & case
Grip & proper Linhof cable release

4 4x5 Linsco holders
4 Graflex holders ( these are the heros of the 14 I have owned over the years)
1 Singer Holder (better than Graflex)
1 Wista 6x9 120 holder in great shape (with mask for viewer)
1 Pack Pol holder for Fuji'doid
1 545i Pol holder

Cases for holders, finder, lens wraps & a big back pack for everything.

I'd like $1500. for this kit or maybe offers.
This economy is killing me.

Thanks for looking~


Price : 1500.00