Given to me from a widow whose husband, my friend had passed on.

I know the history of these well. They were all frozen, still are, in a Film Only Freezer
These have been shot during the last 6 months and have shown me no signs of degration on any level.

The Film types that have shown some degration are not being sold.

All Sealed and frozen.
PENDING SALE: 50 Sheet Pack- Many Avail. Kodak Pro 100 Color Film PRN 4329 Exp 03/1998 $12 each
10 Sheet Pack - Many Avail. Kodak Vericolor III, Type S, PRN 4106 Exp 6/1994 $7 each
PENDING SALE: 10 Sheet Pack - Fuji Velvia 50 RVP, Exp 12/1998 $10 each
PENDING SALE: 50 Sheet Pack - Fuji Astia FujiChrome Color 100, Exp 9/1998 $15 (1 avail)
10 Sheet Pack - Kodak Portra 160VC Exp 11/2001 $10 Pack
PENDING SALE: 25 Sheet Pack - Ilford HP5 B&W 400, Exp 4/2001 $15 Pack (3 avail)
PENDING SALE: 100 Sheet Pack - Kodak EKTAPAN B&W Exp 3/1998 $35 Pack (2 avail)

Shipping is $6.95 for the first box and then an additional $.50 cents for each additional box.

I do NOT do paypal, nor will I ever again, so check is ok and if you purchase a lot and have history here a wire will be fine as well.