This appears to be a wonderful lens. I just recently received it with a camera I purchased, but alas this is an "extra" lens when compared to the new Bellows I truly need for couple of my cameras. It is a 14 inch f9 Goertz RD Artar in what appears to be a factory installed shutter. The glass is clean. I believe based on the serial number the lens was made in the 1960's. It is a coated lens as are all red dot artars. The prior owner installed a screw on Endalite adapter so you can insert Series VI filters. Although it is not pictured, there is a Series VI Kodachrome Haze Filter included. It has its original flange. The Ilex #4 shutter fires fine and sounds accurate to my ears even on the slowest speeds. I don't have a way to confirm the shutter speeds. It does not have any lens caps. $365 plus shipping/insurance. Payment via verified paypal account with 3% fee or US Postal Money Order. It is my understanding this covers 8x10 and by some accounts even 11x14 stopped down. Email or PM me your inquiries. Reasonable offers will be considered. 3% to APUG. Thanks. JonUSD
Price : 365.00