This is a Mamiya 1000S 645 with both metered eye level viewfinder and non metered waist level finder. I have 3 120 film inserts and 1 220 insert. Also included in this system is the left hand grip and the bellows attachment. The left hand grip and the bellows both show signs of wear. There are four lenses in the system. An f-2.8 80 mm,f-2.8 55 mm,f-3.5 150 mm and an f-4 210mm. Also included is a 2x extender. Everything works as it should and I've never had a problem with this camera. I hate to sell it but I want to fund another project and this will do it for me. I have a fairly rough looking metal case with foam interior I've used for this system and I will include it in the price as it will be a very well padded shipping container for the system.USD
Price : 550.00