**UPDATE** The chemistry and the Pictorico has been sold. The contact printing frame is still available.

My detour into platinum & palladium printing did not last as long as I expected, and now I have a whole bunch of leftover chemicals. All were originally purchased from Bostick and Sullivan. All retail prices are approximate, based on the amount of chemistry left. The asking prices are negotiable. Shipping costs are not included, but I will go out of my way to make sure the cost is as reasonable as possible.

Pickup in NYC would be fine!

All of these chemicals have very long shelf lives and have been kept out of the heat, in the dark. I ordered them about two years ago.

Please email dalton@daltonrooney.com with any offers.


B&S Palladium Solution #3
2 brand new 25ml bottles
one 25ml bottle with 20ml left
total = 70ml

retail value approximately $160
Asking: $75

B&S Platinum Solution #3
one 15ml bottle with approx. 14ml left
total = 14ml

retail value approximately $110
Asking: $60

Sodium Platinum "Na2" 5% Solution, 10ml
One 10 ml bottle with approx 6ml left
total = 6ml

Potassium Oxalate powder
Approx 700grams

1-200 grams Sodium Sulfite
2-300 grams Tetrasodium EDTA

All free with purchase of Platinum or Palladium chemistry


8x10 hardwood contact printing frame
used just a few times, practically new condition
Retail: $125
Asking: $80

15 Watt Compact Fluorescent Ultraviolet Bulb 110v
used 1-2 hours at most
free with purchase of contact printing frame

1 package of Pictorico OHP 8 1/2 x 11 for digital negatives
16 sheets left in a 20 sheet pack
Retail: $15
Asking: $7

1 package Pictorico OHP 13x19 for digital negatives
14 sheets left in a 20 sheet pack
Retail: $35
Asking: $20
Both for $25.

Also available, free with any other purchase: some very nice leftover paper for testing (Crane's Cover Stock) and a 4x5 puddle pusher. $240 O.B.O. takes the whole kit & caboodle, or make an offer on any item individually. Thanks.USD
Price : 240.00