hello i'm selling all of my 4x5 kit, here we go:

-Shen Hao HZX45-IIA, it misses a small screw, i replaced with some screw that is not the same but works, apart from that is perfect.
-210mm Caltar Pro Series 6.1 as new!
-150mm Linhof Symmar 5.6 stuck shutter.
-90mm Yamasaki 6.3 nice condition.

all lenses come with pouch, linhof type boards and cable release
6 filters (49mm) and matching rings adaptors for all lenses (46-49mm, 40,5-49mm): 81b, 25A, 23A, 12, orange 02, and Polarizer.

-19 4x5 film holders, some are as new, some are old, but all are in working condition.
-Polaroid 545i back.
-5 Yankee tanks and 8 film holders.
-Combiplan complete Tank kit.
-Calumet darkcloth.
-Toyo Loupe.
-A few film (always in the fridge) aprox. 60-70 of diferent bw brands.

As you can see 4x5 never was that easy, all you need is a tripod, some chemicals and you are set and ready to go!!!
i'm based in Barcelona, but i'm going quite often to sweden. It's a quite big outfit so sending it should be expensive.
I heard reasonably offers