I have three RARE 19th CENTURY NUDES ON GLASS, as well as fifteen EARLY 20th CENTURY GELATIN SILVER PRINTS. The glass photos include one positive and two negatives -- the positive corresponds to one of the negatives. I would like to trade them for Nikon equipment, or a portable telescope, or a good electric guitar -- see at bottom. I would also consider a trade for modern or contemporary artist's prints.

These images were identified and appraised at the following prices by Patricia Laligant in New York -- the country's leading expert in this genre:


Photograph on glass, circa 1870: Nude.
Attributed to J.A. Moulin
$2500 dollars

Negative on glass, circa 1870: Nudes.
Attributed to J.A. Moulin
$2500 dollars


Negative on glass, circa 1870: Nude.
Attributed to A. Quinet
$2500 dollars


15 Vintage gelatin silver prints, circa 1925: Nudes.
Photographer: Geo Blanc
$300 dollars each

I've put up a web gallery of all 15 here; some are duplicate prints; some are variant crops; but all are vintage:



By the way, the prices given are net, not gross: what I would be paid if a dealer sold them for me -- the market price is about a third to a half higher. I'm hoping for the equivalent of the net price in equipment (so it's a good deal for whoever trades with me). In fact, if someone wants to trade for the entire trove of photos, I'm willing to come down significantly in price -- as it saves me a lot of time and effort.

Looking for Nikon glass for my D700, or perhaps a DX body: D90, D300s. Also a high-end portable telescope, or a truly superb electric guitar. (I know that sounds surreal, but these are all things I need.) Will consider anything interesting, but specifically looking for:

- Nikkor AF 24-70/2.8
- Sigma Macro of some flavor (70, 150, 180)
- various Voigtlander and Zeiss lenses in Nikon mount
- Nikkor 180mm f/2.8D AF ED-IF (the most recent version)
- Nikkor MF 180/2.8 ED-IF
- Nikkor AF 85/1.4
- would also consider a D300 or D90 body as part of a trade
- portable high-quality astronomical telescope (Questar, Celestron, Meade, etc.)
- modern or contemporary art (prints, etc.)