Please PM me if you have anything you want to show me images of. I'm having email difficulties and I'd need to know you were sending stuff. Heh.

Enlarger found, but if you have something of the following, I'd still like to hear from you: lenses, negative carriers, and other parts for Beseler 45 enlargers.

I'd also like a 4x5 or, dare I say, 5x7 camera, in shootable condition. I'm okay with a monorail 4x5, but I'd much rather have a folding camera. I'm looking for something with more movements than a Speed Graphic, which I already have.

I don't have many expectations on cosmetic condition. I expect the camera to function and the ground glass to be usable, but that's about it. I have this thing for beater cameras. I'm not so big on resale value these days. If the camera is a 5x7 it would be nice to find something with a reducing back to 4x5. If the camera is a 5x7 I'd need some film holders to get me started. If the camera comes with a lens suitable to portrait photography I will complain. Lens boards would also be a nice addition. After that, I just want to see what's available.

Budget for this *is* negotiable, depending on what my husband thinks.

Paypal is the best course of payment for us, but we're willing to do a postal money order as well if you're a member here in good standing, or cash in the case of a face-to-face sale. I'm really flexible about things and when I say I don't care about cosmetic condition, I *really* don't care. I want something to function and that's about it.

PMing me is the best course of action. I'm having email issues right now.